Mediation Services

Mediation Process

Pre-Mediation Conference Call

Once the mediation is scheduled, Mr. Turner will contact counsel to discuss a variety of topics pertaining to the dispute in order to make the day of the mediation as efficient as possible. Mr. Turner is sensitive to the participants’ time and believes that a brief pre-mediation teleconference enhances the efficiency of the mediation.

Submission of Briefs

Mr. Turner understands that each case is unique and leaves it to counsel to determine how to most effectively present their case. A mediation brief that includes a detailed summary of relevant facts as well as evidentiary support for the most important facts, however, is most effective.


Mediations can occur either at Mr. Turner’s office in Downtown Los Angeles or at the office of either party. Mr. Turner is happy to accommodate whatever location is most convenient.

Mediation Fees

Mr. Turner charges $7,000 for a full-day of mediation. The full-day mediation rate includes preparation time and all hours spent of the day of the mediation regardless of the length of the mediation.

Mr. Turner charges $3,500 for half-day mediations. The half-day mediation rate includes all preparation time and up to four hours on the day of mediation. An hourly rate will be applied to all time exceeding four hours on the day of the mediation, however, the parties will never be charged more than the full-day mediation rate.

Payment and Cancellations

Mediation fees are due upon scheduling a mediation and are refundable if the mediation is canceled at least 10 days in advance of the scheduled date.